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Time off vardo


I helped my sister Cathy and her guy Elliot this weekend in Oakland as El bought the new place and it needs remodeling.¬†Discovered the orange tree at Elliot’s takes 6 oranges for a cup of really good orange juice and the tree is loaded all year, raining oranges on the cars. Elliot is considering an orange press.

Gate completed, dead bolt installed in the laundry door, friend Yuri (mostly) and I took out the door that needs re doing. Filet mignon with bacon wraps on the grill (roll the bacon first), yum with potatoes and artichokes. A fine Sunday repast.

Oh, also marbles in the fence, a 5/8″ bit, random, nice look.

Next week I’m off for the kinetic race, though Raven may do vardo stuff, hoping she’ll post it.



Another fine day, Raven showed up as I was just finishing Chin’s door routering, a top 3″ quarter round for a handle and a couple ‘T’ slots for the hinge, looking good.

Raven started up on the D side paint while it’s still shaded. I had pulled out the tools for a trip to Pick n Pull as Raven mentioned wheels in an email, not today, I put them away along with the router stuff. I broiled O chicken for sandwiches for lunch with O cucumber and garden arugula, yum.

During lunch in the vardo I noticed the serving counter is warping and the Formica is delaminating, I pulled it after lunch, clamped and dosed it with more liquid nails adhesive, including the forward edge that’s been loose awhile.

I pulled out the table so I could get at the benches, found the missing table dowel in the bench, hmm, maybe we should glue that. I pulled out the P side bench, one at a time so I don’t mix it up, glued and fastened the tall bench separator after trimming and sanding it for the E-socket clearance. I filled the screw holes and edge tear out with plastic wood, let it dry (filled Chin’s door), sanded it flush. I pulled out a front birch cover, this one fits clean, glued it with wood glue and clamped it.

Raven finished the D side paint, looks good, semi-gloss much better.


I showed her how to use the heat gun to loosen the paint on the last cabinet door, decided it was a two people job, got it done together. Then she sanded the cabinet door as I sanded Chin’s door, sanding meditations, conversations to rock music.

Before she headed home we re-installed the P bench. The new front looks good.


It still needs hinges for the box top, soon, and the other side.

I gave her a sage bouquet as I needed to strip the flowers to prevent seeding this morning, to dry for incense, plus cotton twine.  A good day.


Cinco de Mayo 2013


Vardo day, I didn’t get much done. ¬†My friend Chin at work needs a cabinet door for his flip house, I worked on that instead. Fun router table and band saw work.


Raven painted outside with the new semigloss burgundy. It’s looking good, though I notice the window needs a coat.


I also glued up the D side cabinet face with yellow alphetic resin wood glue, clamps everywhere and still could use a few more. It should hold well enough.


Chin has some mirrors Raven would like for an improvised dance area so we headed in to town to pick them up with blankets to protect them.

We got some things done, lunch was tasty, broiled chicken breast, corn on the cob and brown rice.  Also my neighbor needed her stove fixed, I got another burner running but she needs a switch replaced.

Raven also worked on the last cabinet door, meticulously pealing the paint by hand, I suggested a chemical stripper solution, I don’t have any, we’d have to buy some. ¬†A productive day really.