Another fine day, Raven showed up as I was just finishing Chin’s door routering, a top 3″ quarter round for a handle and a couple ‘T’ slots for the hinge, looking good.

Raven started up on the D side paint while it’s still shaded. I had pulled out the tools for a trip to Pick n Pull as Raven mentioned wheels in an email, not today, I put them away along with the router stuff. I broiled O chicken for sandwiches for lunch with O cucumber and garden arugula, yum.

During lunch in the vardo I noticed the serving counter is warping and the Formica is delaminating, I pulled it after lunch, clamped and dosed it with more liquid nails adhesive, including the forward edge that’s been loose awhile.

I pulled out the table so I could get at the benches, found the missing table dowel in the bench, hmm, maybe we should glue that. I pulled out the P side bench, one at a time so I don’t mix it up, glued and fastened the tall bench separator after trimming and sanding it for the E-socket clearance. I filled the screw holes and edge tear out with plastic wood, let it dry (filled Chin’s door), sanded it flush. I pulled out a front birch cover, this one fits clean, glued it with wood glue and clamped it.

Raven finished the D side paint, looks good, semi-gloss much better.


I showed her how to use the heat gun to loosen the paint on the last cabinet door, decided it was a two people job, got it done together. Then she sanded the cabinet door as I sanded Chin’s door, sanding meditations, conversations to rock music.

Before she headed home we re-installed the P bench. The new front looks good.


It still needs hinges for the box top, soon, and the other side.

I gave her a sage bouquet as I needed to strip the flowers to prevent seeding this morning, to dry for incense, plus cotton twine.  A good day.


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