Cinco de Mayo 2013


Vardo day, I didn’t get much done.  My friend Chin at work needs a cabinet door for his flip house, I worked on that instead. Fun router table and band saw work.


Raven painted outside with the new semigloss burgundy. It’s looking good, though I notice the window needs a coat.


I also glued up the D side cabinet face with yellow alphetic resin wood glue, clamps everywhere and still could use a few more. It should hold well enough.


Chin has some mirrors Raven would like for an improvised dance area so we headed in to town to pick them up with blankets to protect them.

We got some things done, lunch was tasty, broiled chicken breast, corn on the cob and brown rice.  Also my neighbor needed her stove fixed, I got another burner running but she needs a switch replaced.

Raven also worked on the last cabinet door, meticulously pealing the paint by hand, I suggested a chemical stripper solution, I don’t have any, we’d have to buy some.  A productive day really.

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