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This morning early I was checking out Scott’s Bass Lessons on Youtube, recommended. practiced just a little.
Today I burned a circle around the sound hole for the second uke bass. I also glued a thin shim to the neck where it meets the soundboard and sanded it flush, ready to glue on the the soundboard next.
Jamin the neighbor’s grandson stopped by and took the Lark scooter for a ride, good fun. I gave him a set of three home made arrows made of Dollar Tree bamboo skewers and duck tape fletching. I warned him of the fact they are lethal weapons not toys. He went home to eat.
I cooked up a big batch of Pasta Fagioli soup, mostly organic from the farmer’s market except the noodles and bacon. I forgot the zucchini so I threw in some cucumber instead, that worked.
I threw away some science projects from the fridge. That’s about it.


I spent the weekend recuperating from my trip to Michigan and cooking mostly, even though it’s 85-90 or more. Yesterday I made potato salad, egg salad and chicken soup. I also read an audio book on Youtube, ‘The Subtle Knife’, sequel to ‘Golden Compass’ movie I watched on the plane downloaded to my phone from Prime.
Today I made a beef stew, a three cup batch of cornichon pickles and a pork 5 spice stir fry with spring peas and rice for lunches.
I also glued in the three ribs for the back of the second bass ukulele, one at a time with a heavy weight to hold them down. The back is still loose, but the ribs will line it up for final glue up after the front and electronics are installed.
I pulled up the garlic from the garden today, really small harvest, dang. only a few were big enough to replant. The gophers took out all the first year shoots. I used a head of seeds for the pickles, crushed. I do have quite a few seeds, perhaps I can revive the strain from those. It’s my Dad’s garlic strain, and his Birthday is today. Maybe I should harvest earlier so the root cloves stay bigger, not seeds.
Having thoughts of a tiny home on wheels using the first axle and springs, perhaps get another matching axle. Not the Ford axle, the one from Just thinking.
Back to work tomorrow, time to prep lunch, cookie, banana, chicken soup. Yum.


It’s been awhile. I’m doing well. I got hired on Monday full time with benefits. I got paid on Wednesday the Fourth! So life is good.
I worked on Frolic Wednesday, cleaned out a bunch of crap. The rats have damaged everything plastic, trashed, but the boat is OK. I put a ‘For Sale’ sign in the cockpit plus my number.
I headed over to Elliot’s in Oakland where we BBQ-ed burgers and veggies on the Weber for a fine meal. I loaded the Lark cart into the car to deliver to Michael, Debbi’s kid who has trouble walking in Arcata. I charged the battery, it’s running fine, tooled around in it collecting mail and checking on the garden. Pulled weeds.
I’m cooking down a whole chicken, thawed and boiled. Pulled the meat and returned the bones for broth. Next Wednesday is a potluck baby shower at work. Another chicken enchiladas batch, with a side of Vegan with cashew cheese begun to soak.
That reminds me, last week I made a ‘Fathead Pizza ‘ dough recipe I found online. Greg and a few others are diabetic so I tried it.
1 1/2 cups Mozzarella cheese grated
3 Tbsp Cream Cheese
3/4 cup Almond Flour
1/2 tsp each garlic powder, dried oregano, dried basil
One egg
Nuke the cheeses in the microwave a minute  or more to melt it, knead in the almond flour and herbs. Another light nuking if necessary, cooled enough not to cook the egg kneaded in. Spread on parchment and roll thin or just pat the dough to size. Poke it with a fork a bunch. Bake at 375 F  about 12 minutes until done. Add tomato sauce, more Mozzarella and any toppings. (I used pepperoni).
This stuff turned out great, tastes just like pizza but with minimum carbohydrates, excellent stuff. Highly recommended.
I worked on the second bass uke today, just a little. Last week I hand cut the sound hole in the sound board and glued the body side to the neck. The angle of the soundboard where it meets the neck is a little off, so I marked it and sanded it true on the lapidary grinder and sand paper. I need the ribs on the back to fit before I can glue the front. I marked and cut to size the spruce rib stock I cut last week. Sanded to fit to length, then tapered the ends and rounded, three ribs for the back.
The front will need an X brace, after the soundboard is installed. I’ll build the front up, install electrics, then finish with the back glued in place. Much to do.
Joe called me last night, actually daughter Josie. She wants to make a zip line. I did a little research.  I bought 100 feet of 1/8 cable good for 350 lbs., a couple 6 inch flat ‘L’ brackets, a set of bearing window slide pulleys, odds and ends. Should work with added re bar handlebars and a threaded chain loop. I pulled out the come along to get the tension. Tomorrow after the enchilada filling is prepared.
Good times .