Monthly Archives: August 2019



I got a cryptic email from someone with a 415 area code.  They want to fix a wooden lamp. Here’s my reply:


So who is this? Yes we could fix the lamp. I’d say wood glue, but I think a nice cord wrap pulled back in would improve the durability. Lay down a close loop, wrap over the loop tight several turns and tuck the end in the loop, then pull the first loop end while holding tight to bring the now two loops to the center of the wrap. Cut the ends flush under the first strand of the wrap at each end. You could varnish or lacquer the cord, a hemp marlin would work nicely.

I haven’t entered the blog much. I’ve had to fix my boat some, it’s on the hard. I’ve been playing with my new computer numeric control (CNC) router lately, cutting ukulele parts, fret boards, PCBs and a pick up cover for a coworker.
I still cook a lot, made a batch of bread and butter pickles last night, three and a half pints. Spaghetti for the coworkers and more tarragon pickles.
Life’s good.