Monthly Archives: October 2019



I scored a new toy today. It’s a solar regulator I bought for $15 on Amazon. It fits to the deep cell battery and to the 1.5 watt solar cell perfectly. The J-connectors all match to the solar cell connectors. I put a nail in the garage to hang up the solar cell and wired it up high on a stool. We have a solar charged battery system in place. This is good for the vardo. Meanwhile it could keep me in enough power if PGE shuts us down again. It works perfect, although it’s dark now. With the added 12 volt cigarette lighter USB adapter I can charge my phone and use the LED light I’ve ordered.  We have a solar 12 volt system in place, off the grid, that’s pretty cool.



I got a new toy today. It’s a battery connector that connects to the deep cell battery with washer connectors. It has a socket for a lighter type car connection with a cap. I also bought a lighter type 5 volt transformer that works in my car or now on the battery. So I have a power supply when PGE shut me down to charge my phone and maybe laptop computer. That’s a huge bonus as I lost power last week. This is useful as off grid and emergency¬†power. It’s cool.