the vision for “A Shot of Love” was conceived in the early months of 2009, while raVen was apprenticing in portland, oregon, with rosemary gladstar and naturopathic doctor, j.j. purcell.  her initial vision was to build a cart that would allow her to have a place to make and sell the variety of medicinal herbs that she was growing to love and learn from, as well as to offer tarot readings.  her desire at that time was to travel with this cart to music festivals, heavy metal ones in specific, and provide her services.  for at least a year, this vision sat in her drawing book as a far off dream.  raVen moved to california to do some psychic studies and met a most magickal wizard, dan porter, who urged her to just start to build the cart, and was willing to help start funding it and lend his contractor’s skills to build it.   and so it started, and since then, almost every saturday, the two have been slowly building the dream, with what money is had, and with the help of their ability to find recycled and used items.  the cart is almost entirely hand-crafted, aside from the obvious fixtures that could not be done in this fashion, and is made of at least 1/3 recycled parts.  the current vision of the cart is to offer turkish coffee, bulk herbs, crystal wraps, tarot explorations, and love potions, locations to be determined.  there are possible plans to also have herbal medicine making, wildcrafting, and bellydance classes, from this cart.  the truck to pull it long distances, as well as the financing for legal licensing is forthcoming.  the two continue to build the cart, and listen to the dream and mystery in how to proceed with bringing it into the world.
the main mission of this cart is to inspire others to build their dreams and to offer services that help people feel empowered to personally connect with magick and the divine.
this blog details the specifics of building, and once it is complete and in operation, will be the site for updates on how the project is unfolding as a business.  stay tuned!

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