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Cinco de Mayo 2019

Fun day today, I made a huge batch of enchiladas for the potluck tomorrow. I even made a vegan batch with cashew herb cheese. I ran halfway back to town from Independence Lane to get some brewers yeast to get it right. The rest I made with chicken, a whole rotisserie  bird as it was the same price as raw. I made bone soup with the carcass.
Yesterday was the first day of the farmers¬†market, good to see old friends. I picked up some small turnips from Nathan, a bunch of cilantro and some of Duncan’s mushrooms.
The mushrooms went into the veggie batch, cilantro into the main blend of black beans, corn, black olives, red bell pepper, cumin, garlic, fresh garden oregano, cooked onion and green onion. I added some lemon juice to tart it a little with mild red enchilada sauce to give it a tiny kick.
The veggie batch made first with sauce in the bottom, a bowl with scoop of main and mushrooms mixed. Nuke the corn tortillas wrapped in wet paper towel for 40 seconds in my wimpy microwave. Add a scoop of cashew cheese, filling and pan it, eight times. Cover the center with the rest of the cashew cheese, drizzle sauce on the sides and top with cilantro and olive slices. Bake 350 F maybe a half hour.
Next the meat batch, all the chicken into the main, a lot, a whole quart of chicken. Sour cream a split cup into the sauce whipped with a whisk to mixed, the rest into the main. More tortillas steamed. Sauce in the big pan spread out. Real cheese this time, mild cheddar into the tort, serving spoon of filling, seam down in the pan, repeat. Topped with cheese and sauce, olives and cilantro. Bake, less this time 15 just to melt the cheese. Moved it all into Tupperware for the party, with one small batch set aside for Keif’s daughter lactose and gluten free. two huge meat trays and another smaller veggie tray ready in the fridge.
I made bone soup from the chicken with thigh meat I had, carrots, celery, onion, Nate’s turnips, green beans and farfalle noodles, three buckets for lunches. Plus some lamb chops with green beans and potatoes for another lunch. Enough cooking,
I worked on the new electric bass ukulele I’ve started. Yesterday I cut the main blank out in maple, 3″ x 1″ x 24″. I sketched on it last night to get an idea of the form. I decided to just use the walnut fret board I already cut out for this first one. Later I think I’ll go with one piece maybe or not, we’ll see. I cut it out today, mostly square, on the band saw and sanded it on the lapidary to get it close. Later I’ll round the places where things meet. This is going to be a really fun instrument, absolutely minimal, but a full on double bass.
Wow indeed.