Monthly Archives: December 2018


I spent the day clearing a path in the garage for a new washing machine and to fix the dryer with a new belt. Major moving stuff and throwing things out, mostly scrap wood under the band saw. Quite the chore. I still need to replace the dryer belt and install the new washer. I’m hoping the dryer belt in the gas dryer I bought will fit into the electric one I have, Else I’ll just get a new belt on Monday in SR.
I also worked on the bass uke today, I installed a notched stick to hold the inner back rib down with my hand inside through the sound hole. Then I got out the angle tipped brass tube I use to inject glue into the ribs and used a syringe to inject the carpenters wood glue. It went in heavy, so I used a paper towel rubber band and stick to clear most of it, then went in with my hand and towel to clean it up. It’s deep inside so it won’t be noticed, but it should now be a strong connection with a large glue fillet. I blasted the outside with the air compressor and lightly sanded a couple places before that. I put on another coat of lacquer, There are a couple thick lines on the top to sand out, but it looks good. I could spend another month on the finish or call it good enough soon.



WordPress has been difficult to login. Finally I got in again.

I re taped the bass where I removed the masking tape to install the batteries to try the electronics. I got a tiny plug in amp in the mail and wanted to see if it will work. Seems to come through with a click, maybe it will work. It’s now ready to be lacquered unless I choose to cover that cross line on the back, hmm.
Pepper is in purring with a cuddle.
I decided to start a new soprano neck as the first mahogany one is fretted off. I cut a piece of cherry wood I found in the stash, two pieces on the table saw. I trimmed one on the band saw for the doubled foot where the neck meets the body and an angle cut for the head stock, glued and clamped. The doubled foot is really close to the right thickness, a little sanding of the body should make a nice light curved back fit.
I made a big batch of Pasta y Fagioli soup, five buckets for lunches ready to go. Yum, my favorite.