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I met Raven at the Starbuck’s/Safeway for coffee, an O (organic) avocado and a few things she needs for her Sweden trip just a long week away. This will be our last day together for awhile as I am going North to visit old friends next Memorial day weekend. Her friend Samia was supposed to come help but bailed at the last minute.

The farmers market is open again, let’s go just to see the folks. Lots of fava beans and radishes as it’s early spring, I picked up a nice Better Boy tomato plant for the garden with blossoms forming. Off to the ginormous (Raven’s word) Salvation Army to find a back pack for her trip. We found a small pack, a little beat up but with wheels and handle for $5 bucks, it’ll work. I found a nice etched wine glass in the bins for 50 cents.  I slowed at the elder trees in bloom so she would notice behind me, they’re supposed to make good potions or fritters.

Home, Raven has a hankering for taco salad, OK, I cooked up the O chicken breast diced, chop half an O onion , cooked half of that, garlic, an O fresh tomato and the avocado for a salsa with salt and cumin spice.  Sliced unexpected cheddar on the side with corn chips and O romaine lettuce as a base. Balsamic vinaigrette, excellent.  Raven added hot sauce, I like mine cool. To the back yard dining room with a view.

After lunch Raven went back to the seemingly endless task of detailing the vardo in gold paint, I figured 88 patterns for just the corners alone not counting the windows and door.


I took the card stock patterns and galvo for the wheel fenders to work yesterday after hours, cut and bent on the brake tool in the model shop. This thin metal is sharp, cut me a little in the shop. I got out the leather gloves as I need to punch it with my Harbor Freight punch and trim a missed edge with the shears. I had to cut each fender in two pieces overlapped 4″ as the shear only cuts 37″ and I need over 40. I lined up the overlaps and punched them first, then punched the rest of the holes on the passenger (P) side. I used the punch’s depth gauge to keep them even. 29 holes on this side, not enough room to swing a hammer, I’ll need pan head Phillips screws to use the drill as a driver. Raven suggested removing the wheel for more room, good idea. Off to the corner mercantile to see Harry, three packs of 20 for just over $3. And some coconut water at the corner store as it’s getting hot.

I put in the passenger side with difficulty lining up the overlap holes last. I used the awl to align and punch new metal holes to get it secure. I hammered the edges down around it to prevent anyone cuts, I should sand it next too. We’ll need to caulk the inside edge with clear stuff. Next I did the D side, same way but did the overlaps early on, went better.


I used the hammer and a flat screwdriver as a punch to get the metal into place. Replaced the wheels. This looks good with tight seams above, added caulk will complete the job.

Hugs goodbye and safe trips completed the day. I expect it will be awhile before the next post.




I met Raven in the magazine aisle in Safeway with a cup of Bucky’s coffee in hand.  The farmers market is open again, but we want to go to Salvation Army, not waste too much time. Raven wants a back pack and rain coat, I need another small stainless pan with lid. The Sally’s here is huge, five stores, the cheap bins, a lot with cars and boats for sale, major acreage. They had some backpacks under a portable garage tent but not sufficient. We split up, I hit the bins, nothing much but a good round metal coaster rack for the canner bottom, 50 cents. In the kitchen store I found a perfect small pan with a heavy glass lid half off 2 bucks. I found Raven in the checkout line with 3 magical being books for her vardo library. She also scored big time with a new raincoat and a beautiful $6 Persian rug.


It’ll be perfect to set outside the vardo for a place to sip tea. To home and hungry.

Bagels, cream cheese, lox with sprout salad, cucumber slices, balsam vinaigrette, yum. Joe called in the middle of a bite, come on up.

We need to prep for moving this trailer to get it weighed soon so we can get it registered, tie things down. I checked the stove, tight enough as it’s snug and the gas line will hold it. The hand sink cabinet is still loose. I head up to the corner mercantile for a hanger bolt and wing nut. Tomorrow is Mothers Day, I installed it as Raven called her mom. She’s doing more details in gold up front, don’t want to move it. I cleaned up the outdoor living room and prepped for guests, thawed a bunch of chicken thighs. Too windy for BBQ, half a jar of my lemon marmalade, oyster sauce, garlic powder and Italian dressing in the oven 375.

Raven is installing the magnetic cabinet latches as Joe shows up with 2 daughters Haven and Josey, mom and their grandmother off to the pedicure for a women’s day. Pizza to go with the chicken, excellent.

Raven and I carried the small refrigerator from the garage, she cleaned it out and installed it.


As I have several Android tablets I’ve fixed to sell, the kids are in hog heaven playing angry birds and such. Joe and I worked together on a simple easel design of 3 uprights with a bolt (Joe’s idea, I was going to use a dowel but a bolt is easier). The two outers are cut at an angle on top two inches using the bevel tool to keep them equal with the band saw. Clamped and drilled to size to fit the bolt, with an ‘A’  frame cross bar cut with a ledge on the table saw to hold the canvas bottom nailed in. The top center brace I sanded an angle cut with the lapidary sander to clear the canvas top flat. A string holds the center of the tripod, simple. A panel cut with a couple cheap spring clamps to hold a paper.

Meanwhile Raven is installing the magnetic cabinet latches.

magnet cab

Haven has a class project to build a model Mission. We head to the river to collect small stones. Returning, we cut some plywood to make a base.

Raven has packed up the vardo immaculate.


She got a lot done. I had a good day with Raven, Joe and the kids.