Saturday vardoing. I set up the saw horses before Raven showed up. I pulled out the steps into the driveway, unclamped the A braces and took them in to scrape and sand them down to bare wood. They were back on clamped as Raven showed up. She started painting the front wall burgundy before the sun hit it.  It was pretty sun faded and the flat scuffs, the new semigloss is much better.


I found the screw pilot been sitting around, new in the package and size 10, perfect, set the drill to length to fit the new 1 3/4″ screws. I drilled the premarked centers then screwed them, three per side per step. I loosened the clamps on the uprights and moved them down a bit so the top step could settle into the rabbet, drilled and screwed. I readjusted the uprights to fit the top step, back enough to match the angle and clamped. One screw each on the side, then two each from the top. I adjusted the A braces flush to the uprights and under the lower step clamped, drilled and screwed  two on each end.  I had to reduce the depth, use the battery countersink drill on the upright/A connection with the shorter 1 1/4″ screws. Clamps off, it’s a step up.


 Chicken taco lunch with shredded carrots and arugula from the garden at table in the vardo, yum.

I stopped up town to Harry’s place for some mahogany putty, covered the screw holes and dings in the steps as Raven sanded and painted the cabinet doors.


I sanded the steps, Raven the doors, to metal music, an odd meditation.  Pictures taken and processed, the final shot, Step on in. The door closes and the top step just meets, perfect.


Another great day.

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