Another good vardo day, Raven got a lot done, I worked on the steps.  Raven finished lining the overhead seams with the 1″ wide slats, tacked them all up and varnished. I added the lower 3/4″ additions to the bench wings and put them in place, yet to be fastened after paint.


A partition from the kitchen to the table area curtained and to be painted cool.

Broiled BBQed chicken, rice, and mixed veggies with cheese sauce for lunch, checked out the computer pads we both got new, Apple’s better but mine is sufficient at a 1/4 the price. Garage band is neat.

Raven worked on the cabinet doors, painting them with the sample jar of light yellow. I sanded all the mahogany parts for the steps with the belt sander, dusty that.  I found a decent piece of wood for the ladder uprights, turns out to be pine, but good wood, with a mahogany ‘A’ brace to be sanded to match. After cutting a 1/2″ off the bottom, it just clears the door closing by a breath. I need 18 screws 2″ long  to secure the steps together to be purchased, plus a few I have to secure the supports, next week stuff.


Raven glued in the P side pillar parts with yellow alphetic resin wood glue. She’s catching up. Mind the exterior in semi gloss burgundy will give me an edge. But plenty more to do. Then she washed the dishes and painted the P inner shelf with  polyurethane, passed me by. Mind that coffee urn is cool, but I have some catching up to do. They’ll be nice stairs and cabinet doors. A good day.

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