I stopped at Sally’s, that bent crooked silver coffee urn they had was still there and marked down to half price, couldn’t resist at $17.50. There was also a lid for something else that could work not marked. The guy let me have both same price. I brought them home, cut the lid smaller with my jeweler’s saw (took three blades) to fit the top. I sanded it on the lapidary to true it up using course and fine grits. It fits nice. I banged out the worst of the bend with a cardboard tube, then dome polished the long tapered punch wide end and tapped it true with the ball peen. It still could use a fancy nut on the handle to be made but it looks good.
It looks gypsy, would be good as an outdoor water or tea jug. It’s big, 20 1/2″ to the top of the new lid. I just measured it, 32 cups comfortably (33 really), that’s 2 gallons. It has a Sterno burner beneath. Looked online, rents for $26 a day or $350 to buy for a less elaborate model. Good deal, Ha.
I also worked with the ladder, cut a piece of 3/4″ x 7″ mahogany ply to fit the top step, cut one solid step in half to use on the two lower steps, it works. I also cut mahogany inserts to fit the 1/4″ gap. We should cut about a half inch off the bottom to fit the door closing.
More to do tomorrow.

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