Time off vardo


I helped my sister Cathy and her guy Elliot this weekend in Oakland as El bought the new place and it needs remodeling. Discovered the orange tree at Elliot’s takes 6 oranges for a cup of really good orange juice and the tree is loaded all year, raining oranges on the cars. Elliot is considering an orange press.

Gate completed, dead bolt installed in the laundry door, friend Yuri (mostly) and I took out the door that needs re doing. Filet mignon with bacon wraps on the grill (roll the bacon first), yum with potatoes and artichokes. A fine Sunday repast.

Oh, also marbles in the fence, a 5/8″ bit, random, nice look.

Next week I’m off for the kinetic race, though Raven may do vardo stuff, hoping she’ll post it.

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