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Another short day of vardo as Raven slept in it. She got up early for a Sunday and painted more detail in the cool morning. She actually finished the major detailing of that pattern, all the corners are done, windows and doors. That’s an amazing accomplishment in such fine detail.

I got up a little later and made a bay leaf wreath from the tree out back at my sisters request. Then cooked up a late brunch of bacon, potatoes and scrambled eggs with fresh tiny honeydew melon on the side.

It stayed cool all day, overcast, even rained lightly, marvelous not to be scorched.

Raven wants a shelf for jars of herbs in the vardo, P side behind the window. As I’m building a gate and there are scrap redwood pieces, she laid out a concept.


She wants it rough and funky, I can’t allow it, we’ll have to sand the pieces and fit it tight to make it cleanable and not cause splinters in the customers.

I cooked up a batch of tomato sauce canned, I got two pints from seven pounds plus a couple cups of juice from around the seeds stripped out. It’s really thick sauce, almost paste but not bitter, with one ray of star anise added for 15 minutes to cut the acid. exceptional concentrate.

Raven finally put up the candelabras on the back wall, they look great with one for soap above the hand sink.



Raven had to leave early as Lorean’s memorial is today up at Isis Oasis. I only knew her in passing, but a good person and founder of the retreat.

I finished belt sanding the last eleven boards for the gate. My arms are jello tired. Kit my neighbor pulled up, backed up in a big truck, got out with a fat peach, opened the side door and grabbed a hat full of huge black berries. “take a couple, they’re the best!”, he’s right, huge and so sweet. As he drove off I chomped into the peach, Oh my, aahh, so good! Wonderful day.