I worked on UB2 (uke bass 2) a bit this weekend. I made an X brace and glued it up. carved back the soundboard to fit the body form then sanded it flush to the sides.
The X brace was a challenge as it broke one leg, glued back and sanded half oval profile. I cut the legs to length and sanded them to fit to the side angles. Glued in with 2×4 risers and clamps, plus the big heavy weight in the middle. It’s in there, stuck well. I’m not worried about the minor glue over flow as it’s the top and you can’t see it without a mirror.
I stopped at the Goodwill store today. They had a kids guitar for cheap, couldn’t resist. It’s funky, with straight through tuners that won’t hold. The nut is cheap and short. I cut a new nut from the beef bone stock, polished to 600 grit and notched every 9/32 to make an even 6 spaced nut. The high string won’t hold even with tightened screw. I ordered new strings. I think I may need to change the tuners to a set of geared tuners I have for ukes. More of a challenge than expected.
Chicken, yellow wax beans, potatoes, with another pork chop meal the same but with gravy for lunches.
We have classes this week lunch included, so not so many. I like this job.

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