This morning early I was checking out Scott’s Bass Lessons on Youtube, recommended. practiced just a little.
Today I burned a circle around the sound hole for the second uke bass. I also glued a thin shim to the neck where it meets the soundboard and sanded it flush, ready to glue on the the soundboard next.
Jamin the neighbor’s grandson stopped by and took the Lark scooter for a ride, good fun. I gave him a set of three home made arrows made of Dollar Tree bamboo skewers and duck tape fletching. I warned him of the fact they are lethal weapons not toys. He went home to eat.
I cooked up a big batch of Pasta Fagioli soup, mostly organic from the farmer’s market except the noodles and bacon. I forgot the zucchini so I threw in some cucumber instead, that worked.
I threw away some science projects from the fridge. That’s about it.

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