Fun day today, I’m making bread. My Dad’s Uncle Herman’s recipe. More on that. I also did the usual coffee and Salvation Army, with a stop at the hardware store for Mira’s gate supplies and sandpaper 50 grit.
Sally’s was fun, the last few weeks, 50% off. I found a bamboo double steamer, a light timer and a sushi roller. As I was about to check out they announced bicycles for $2, OK, this Schwinn looks good in blue.
Up at the clothing barn I found a roll of nice fabric, not so cheap as the one guy was frustrated with long lines, but it is a lot of fabric.
We could use it on the vardo for an awning or mattress covers for my boat, a shirt perhaps. The kitchen shop had a couple bread pans half off, I may need them.
Home, I checked on the bike, compressor on, the front tire is flat, back holds air, both tires could be replaced, but two dollars. The frame, gears, brakes are all in great shape. One 26″ inner tube would make it run. Score.
Lunch time, I cooked a batch of Potato Bacon Chowder from the CDI cookbook, Karen Bates recipe. It won’t copy over here, but it’s really good soup. Potatoes, bacon ends from TJ’s, onions, celery, garden herbs, added garlic, cream of chicken, milk, sour cream. Wow, really good with a bread roll. Three more buckets for lunches.
I worked on the ukulele, taping the two sheets of 50 grit together with duct tape. I sanded the body sides flat on the larger sheet of sandpaper. The heel down and the base finally flush. The neck and sides smooth, it’s ready for the top and bottom plates. Using the jig with stickers and string I set up the top, adding clamps on the base and neck join. Loosened, I added the carpenter’s glue, restrung it, clamped to the base and neck. Checking it I added another clamp near the base to secure it.
Meanwhile, checking on the bread, oh no, it’s risen over the sides of my biggest bowl. Bubble gum all in the oven, fortunately the bake stone caught it all and the rack, cleaned out without much hassle. I knocked it down and moved it to the giant stainless dog bowl. Two more rises and into the pans, three loaves. Wow, Dad’s bread, I grew up on this stuff. I need a bigger bucket as I only made a half batch.
Tomorrow I’m off to Oakland for brunch and oranges, Mira’s gate latch. Laundry of course. Great day. Mmm, it’s really good bread.

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