Home sick today. A cold, I’m getting around OK, just don’t want to pass it on.
I’ve been working on my ukulele, installed the ribs top and bottom, ready to glue the back today.
Maybe I’ll prep the fret board to fit over the top by cutting a flat ledge with the table saw.
That and cooking, bean with bacon soup today. A beef stew yesterday and a chicken noodle soup the day before. Saving buckets in the freezer for lunches, stocking up.
Today I got a lot more done on the ukulele. I glued the back on and sanded the front and back flush to the sides. I also cut a notch in the fingerboard to fit over the top. Had trouble with that as the table saw changed depth of cut while I dado-ed the notch, too deep at the outside, dang. I cut a couple more pieces of rosewood, glued them in, then sanded in back to close. A bit too deep on a corner, but much better. Perhaps a sliver more. But it looks beautiful.
Mostly ready to glue the finger board after I drill a couple pin holes to keep it aligned while gluing, then add the two last frets (rubber bands in the picture).
I’ll be home this three day weekend to get it further done.
I also made the pot of bean with bacon soup from scratch, pretty good stuff.

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