Fun day today. Coffee as usual, some shopping with pizza in mind. Off to the hardware store for the last two bolts for Mira’s gate latch. I put the gate in last weekend but it needs a final latch.
I also picked up a box of 1 cup jars for Meyermalade to process. I have a lot of lemons. A stop at Sally’s, they sold the place to the Native Americans, a casino I presume. Only a few more weeks to shop there. I picked up a case of champagne flutes for sister Cathy as requested, still in the box, a dozen. A little paper punch and a couple more 4 oz. jars.
Home, I made up some dough, pretty easy, Emeril’s recipe. A pack of yeast in 1 cup 110 degree water, 1.5 Tbsp olive oil, 1.5 tsp salt, two cups flour. Knead it with more flour five minutes to bring out the gluten stretchy. Bowl it lightly oiled and cover with a damp cloth. (I blew it and left the towel dry, so the dough dried a little. Surface water fixed that re kneaded with flour) In the warm off oven for an hour to double in size. Punch it down and split the batch for two 12 inch pizzas. I fridged one for later. Rolled out and stretched to fit the pizza pan thicker on the edge. Heat up the oven to 500 degrees. Sauce of olive oil, a chopped garlic clove lightly browned, 8 oz. tomato sauce, salt, garden oregano, dry basil cooked down a bit and cooled. Spread that over the dough, add mozzarella cheese, a mushroom sliced, pepperoni, cooked sausage. Chuck the pan in the oven on the hot stone 15 or 20 minutes until it looks right. I could have used corn meal but didn’t. It turned out great.
While the dough was rising I worked on my tenor ukulele. The base of the body is dried from last week, now I just need to glue it to the neck Spanish heel, cut slots to fit the sides Kamaka style. Simpler than a mortice and tenon. With little wedges to keep the sides to the neck.
Next I cut 4 pounds of Meyer lemons from Cathy’s “Aunt Mary” tree into marmalade slices with 2 cups water to soak over night. My fingers are pruned, Okeeffe’s fixed that later after the dough was done. I’ll cook it down tomorrow with equal parts sugar and another two cups water to dissolve it.
I worked on the ukulele top and bottom ribs. The top has a a new bridge plate glued in with bevels. I cut the ribs that fit over that down with the razor saw and whittled to fit with a knife, a little adjustment with file. The back is missing a third rib, thought I cut it, another made. It’s coming along nicely.
I need to sand the front and back of the sides flat to accept the parts on rough grit sand paper to join them flush. I’ll add a back neck heal cover and need to step the fingerboard to fit. It’s coming together nicely. A good day.

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