Once again we started at Bucky’s for coffee and off to the farmers market. More guavas for me, green beans for lunch and some beets for Raven. Next stop Shelton’s for O noodles  and half and half in a fancy short milk bottle Raven likes, everything is organic at Shelton’s.  Raven wants to check the Salvation Army super store for boots, no luck on that but I scored in the bins with several plastic paint color by number strips and a roll of really nice narrow wall paper the right color for the vardo, all for 50 cents.  When we got home we checked the length of the wall paper, dang, four feet short of the two wall lengths, maybe if we skip the windows. Pretty stuff for a quarter.


Raven cooked up lunch from a recipe she wanted to try, a chicken noodle casserole with those green beans, as I worked on fitting the vent system together. Trying from the inside didn’t work, I finally punched out the outer vent cover to try again as lunch was ready.


Wow, this stuff is good, broiled chicken, small cuts of fresh green beans (instead of frozen peas), flat egg noodles, fresh garden thyme, garlic, bread crumbs, half and half, everything organic, yum, served in the back yard dining room with a view. I need to get a picture of that but it’s dark now as I write.

After lunch Raven resumed working on detailing the windows in gold as I worked on the vent system and cover. This didn’t work out well as I was rocking the vardo as Rave was trying to paint.  “Ten more minutes and I’ll be done.” I drilled and screwed the 3/4″ frame to the wall, countersinking the holes to prevent further splitting (oops), that worked. I cut a piece of paneling to match the lines and fit with the band saw outside, jig saw inside over the vent frame, so the paneling flushed the vent frame allowing the aluminum louvered cover to fit flush after punching screw holes. Finding the right length screws took trying, but it worked out.

vent cover

Raven was relieved her canvas stopped rocking and finished the details around the windows, it looks great.

window detail fin2

The front window above.

window detail finished

And the side window details in gold. While she was working on that I fired up the sewing machine and finished assembling the last inner cover to the cushions. We stuffed the cushion into it together. They all need the last edge hand sewn, but we have cushions preliminary covered. Raven said her seamstress friend said we need to reduce the outer cover size so they don’t shift. My question, how much reduction in fraction of inches, to be asked.  Here’s a pic of the last cushion inner cover.

the last cushion cover

A plain picture, but a big step in comfort, and that sewing machine is working well.

An excellent days work.

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