We met in town at Safeway, Raven reading the magazines, I went for coffee, mushrooms and cream. Off to the farmer’s market, more guavas for me, beets, squash and a yellow pepper for Raven.  Shenton’s then home.

I checked the mail box, the new black 3″ vents arrived, excellent, and they fit the outside hole cut perfectly. I cut down the inside fan vent last evening at work in the model shop.


I still need to punch the screw holes and attach it all, but Raven wants to paint more details, needs doing and the vardo will pitch with me inside. We’ll sew instead.

Raven and I went over the sewing machine operations, stitching 3 small draw string bags, then she sewed a small sample  cover.


Time to cook lunch, an organic garden tarragon chicken, O carrots, onions, mushrooms, even O noodles with wine and heavy cream sauce, served at the back yard table with a view. Very tasty.

After lunch I sewed a new cover for the larger 20″ cushion, calling Raven too often to show her the details of turning corners with the needle down and the foot up, then you have to put your foot down (she liked that) to resume stitching. All while she painted more details meticulously in gold.

window details

Here’s the mostly finished (needs hand sewing shut) big cover pic.


The new “Ender’s Game” movie just came out, I want to see that as Orson Scott Card is a great author. We headed for it in separate vehicles as we’ll be departing from there. Excellent movie, true to the book, I’ll watch that one again in reruns, wow, such a good story.

A very productive day as Raven now re-knows how the sewing machine works and stuff got done.


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