We met at Starbuck Safeway for coffee, walked to the farmers market, more pineapple guavas, parsnip, potatoes, a nice gourd for an instrument, Raven got beets, carrots, something else. Next stop Shelton’s market as Raven needs herbs, I picked up some O green beans, mushrooms and a hubbard squash.  Home, we picked coriander seeds from the garden for the potion she’s making, plus star anise and nutmeg nut from my cabinet.

Raven wanted to see the stencil sun I cut after hours at work, wanting a wood round for the back arch center, I found the piece we cut for the vent, perfect, though she found a moon sun almost the same she prefers, modified and still needs some silver paint. She also painted the aluminum roofing edge partly black, liking the brushed effect antiqued.


Meanwhile I cooked up a batch of organic beef meatball stew with the potatoes, a carrot, cremini mushrooms, parsnip, green beans, pearl onions (tricky to peel) and home made organic beef meatballs with herbs from the garden.  A huge batch, lots of leftovers and so good.

After lunch Raven and I pulled out the P bench as she wants to stain it darker. I went looking for something in the garage and came across the original stencil sketches, score! as Rave wants an arched pattern for the end arches. It will need some modifying to fit, I got out a piece of card stock and drew the arch rafter line, then laid out the pattern in pencil. I found the Xacto knife and cut the pattern using a piece of plywood to back the cuts.


I cut another 3 inch round with the hole saw for the front which Raven painted, then studied the under sink. I’m thinking to get some lag screw to threaded stock at the hardware store, drill the sink counter uprights through , then drill and lag the bolts to the studs. I’ll get knobs or thumb nuts to secure the counter to the wall. That way we can meet the code that says the sinks need to be removable for cleaning and still secure for road worthy.  It’s late already, picture time. Here’s the bench looking great.


And a shot of the arch sun moon, bleached by the late low sun.


Another fine vardo day with perfect weather.

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