Another Sunday and a bit of vardo work. I had a trip to San Jose and Raven had a jam session so it’s just me today. I folded the piece of aluminum last week at work to form the stove counter. It needed a bit of trimming I did Friday night but the upper piece came out short. The good news is I made a mistake at work and folded a piece too long. Today I transferred the measurements plus the extra and re cut it on the band saw, now it fits right. I’ll leave the laser paper on for now.


I also removed the right side wood panel and re cut the slot for the gas line to match the lower cutout in the metal.


After that I worked on a switch mount for the pump on off switch. I found a nice medium gauge (16?) piece of aluminum sheet, drilled a big hole to fit the switch on the drill press clamped, marked the switch width, viced the hole side to the mark and hammered it over using a sheet of stainless to keep the pressure even. I center punched and drilled two holes to fit 8-32 screws using the countersink to debur the holes. I got out the pump and cords, attached the pump and quick connect electric and laid it all out inside the cabinet. I removed the counter face and drilled holes to attach the switch to the frame. Measured 1 3/4″ screw length, counter sink for the sink counter, I’ll need to go to town for that.  Made a mental list of other stuff, went to town, picked up the screws, 1/2″ hose barbs (qty 2) for the check valve, passed on the gas line adapters until I’m sure. Gas and grocs, home.

I split the main to transformer electric line for the switch (off switch before the transformer to save electricity), cheap wire there, tinned it to keep it together then soldered the returns (heat shrink and Etape) and crimped in eyes for the switch. Attached it all together threading in the screws to the wood with counter sink holes in the frame as the screw heads will be covered with the fascia. I found some zip ties, drilled the frame and secured the transformer and main cord. Time to plug it in, it works, the switch under the counter controls the pump on and off, waaamp, very cool. A dim picture in the dark.


Still looking for the pipe glue for the check valve, 2 jars, it’s here somewhere. A good day.

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