I cut and folded the heater shield this evening, it works. 1/2″ bends top and bottom for strength, folded 22″ long, 13″ wide and 7 1/2″ deep. That allows 2″ off the wall to spec. We’ll add hinges and latches to it using my home punch, better than the abused punch in the model shop. It’s a good shield. Thoughts, we could use free pins on the hinges and remove the shield and heater for transport. It’s a wind shield to keep it lit. We could put holes through the pins for a snap ring type fitting so it stays but is easy to remove.
The shield fits. We have a 24″ x 20″ scrap piece that would make the hand sink counter in metal.
As I had some extra time (45 minutes to form the real metal), I imported the CAD stainless main sink and redrew the counter with a thicker partition between the hand sink and stove all the way down to match the stove height. Trimmed the drawings to fit it all in, good. It looks nice, could be all metal for the same $13 more. That or we could use the 20″ x 24″ for an overhead duct.
I don’t know. We have a good heater shield and a piece of metal.
I ordered a pre-pump water filter, an electric quick connect for the pump and a couple water quick connects for the heater, be here next week sometime. The heater and shield pic:

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