Wow, a lot got done today.  I glued and clamped the drawer spacers in this morning before Raven got here. I pulled out the first sheet of birch ply on the saw horses and set the D side cabinet frame face down.  She showed up with coffee, yes!

Raven started on the iron rack up front, sanding and painting it with Loctite rust neutralizer, also did the trailer tongue and repainted the rack plywood black.


Meanwhile, I clamped the frame to the plywood and drew a line in pencil,  set the frame down and touched it up with the straight edge. I cut the end off with the skill saw (save for the bench front) and the long run. I used the jig saw to cut out the stove area. I clamped it to the frame and lowered it with Rave’s help. I got out the router and attached the flush cut bit as per Darin’s recommendation. I drilled 3/8″ start holes, inserted the router and followed the frame.

Wow, nice tool, a perfect cut all the way around each cabinet hole. The bearing follows the frame as the same size cutter takes the plywood out to match. As I filled all the screw holes first it went well. Raven helped catch the cutouts.


I re-installed it in the vardo as Raven made smoked trout sandwiches for lunch.  I converted the bed to bench mode and discovered the bench leg can bite, not bad this time, close, let her know. Good lunch as we admired the new cabinet fascia.


After lunch I pulled out the next piece of birch ply and took measurements on the attached serve counter, laid it out and cut it a bit wide with the jig saw.  I clamped it up after a trim and used the flush cut router to make it right. As I hadn’t filled the screw holes here I skipped them and took it outside, clamping in a piece and trimming it flush. I clamped it back inside, drilled and cut the door and drawer holes.

In the middle of all that Raven worked on experimenting on wood finishes and stains, cutting a template for detailing the battens and such.


As we need another shelf, we headed out back to the scrap pile, the first piece we moved had a 3/4″ plywood attached, measured 13″ and long enough, perfect, we’re done here. I carried it up as Raven grabbed a funky table she wants.

I fitted the shelf and finished the cupboard cuts. A bee flew in, checking it out, as it flew past the SS sink a small cloud of dust arose, ha. I caught it in a plastic cover and card and let it loose.  We cleaned up the router dust and took more pics.



You can see the new shelf in the middle. I’ll need to cut pieces of the leftover door wood doubled up and glued, then rounded with a router bit to make the drawer faces. I’ll need to re-cut the drawers lower notch a 1/4″ to account for the new face width. The aft drawer hole needs a trim as the angle hit the router frame.

A lot got done, we have cabinet faces, clean iron forward and an idea of how to finish the details in style.


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