I worked out the plan on the heater shield metal this evening 28 3/8″ wide before folding will leave a scrap piece 19 5/8 x 24″, minimum on the stove bottom and side is 25 3/4, short 1 3/4″ dang. It would fit the hand sink but that’ll be Formica. It would fit the bottom of the stove shelf with two separate pieces for the sides, but another $13 will do the stove section complete, sweet and simple. Let’s just get another piece.
But the design for the heater shield is ready. Just measured the vardo outer wall, 13 and a short 1/2. the design will fit, but better to loose the 1/2″ tab I added. Latch into it with a barrel into a hole, or Ah, rivet a new tab back out to fit the back corner slat, either will work. I’ll make a raw shell, add hinges and latching with the hand punch here, rivets or bolts and nuts. The hinges will be attached inside, the latch to the back corner frame, with the shield closer to the back so it has clearance to open, may need to bevel the forward slat for more clearance. Hope you still have black slat paint. It’ll work, a mind puzzle.

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