Did a bit on the vardo today. I went to town a little after noon, stopped by the Flying Goat coffee roasters, dang they close at noon, but saw a stack of burlap bags through the window, I’ll hit them up Saturday morning to cover the propane tanks. Headed for Garret’s and picked up a couple small barrel latches for the table, went home.
I cut up a piece of 1″x2″ stock with straight grain into 1/4″x1/2″ slats for Raven to use to cover the paneling joints, got 6 eight footers, should be enough. We still need to cut the quarter rounds later for the corners.
I found the table and measured the wall support thickness to the two vertical under table supports. A screw right where they need a cut, marked the lines with the small adjustable square and removed one support at a time, cut on the table saw and replaced them. Fits good, marked the peg hole locations and transferred the line to the back with the square. One inch from the edge to the hole center, transferred it and center punched the start. 3/8″ drill bit and carefully drilled it not to go through. Pulled the pegs from the other table blank and fit them in, tried it, good fit, perfect.
Opened the barrel latches and set them up on the saw horses, drilled, center punched and screwed so the latches are flush open with the lock slots down for gravity inside the vertical supports. Placed the table pegged, held up the barrels to slide and hit them with the hammer to mark center, that worked. Drilled them out with a bit to match the barrel slide. Test fit OK but tight, reamed it a bit with the drill, we’re good.
With the upright leg in place, the table won’t come loose from the wall when the barrels are engaged even if you lean on the outer corner.
I’ll pull a hinge from the boat stock to attach the leg, measured to center of the table close to the outer edge. We need to secure the leg to the floor, either with a peg and hole, FLASH, a thought.
A hole in the floor would collect crud, but a peg in the floor and a hole in the leg would not, much more sanitary. Also true with the table wall mounts, I’ll reverse them too (may need some thinking here as the table needs to fit to the bench). The other option was a couple floor brackets but a peg is so much easier, positive from the floor is cleanable, we’ll do that.

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