12/23/2012 A pump!

So Raven’s Christmas/birthday presents got here Friday, just in time. I got up Saturday and headed for the Flying Goat coffee shop in HB to meet Rave as that place roasts coffee beans and may have some burlap bags for the LP gas canisters. The girl behind the counter said she needs the boss’ permission and gave us his card, I sent him an email, waiting. The coffee was good.
With a stop across the street to Shelton’s for lunch soup we headed for HD to pick up some good 1/4″ plywood for the cabinets. As I’ll be off work for the next 10 days I’ll get some done. Raven wanted the birch wood as that is Freija’s wood (Norse goddess of Friday), cost a little more, cool, 2 sheets, enough to start. It even fit in her truck though we had to duck driving home.
We unloaded and stashed the wood in the back of the garage. I handed Rave her presents, one for Christmas, one for her birthday (New Years Eve), crudely wrapped in the shipping box with a ribbon and bow. A new Flojet water pump and a 12 volt power supply to run it. I’m probably more excited than she is, but we need it and it’s her vardo, running water.
As I had cut some 1/4″ x 1/2″ trim stock, Raven worked on trimming out the windows with it. I worked on cutting some 1/4 round stock for the corners on the router table and table saw, gnarly. As I was running the table saw, the rain on the roof over powered the saw sound, wow, turns out it was hail, that loud.
Afterwards I cut the power supply wire and stripped it, wire nutted to the pump direct and turned it on, works good, a bit noisy but no water yet. I’ll need a switch and fuse but it works!
Rave called her Mom then headed home, a good day.
Today I went to town for the Christmas turkey, stopped by Garret’s for some hose (forgot the switch/fuse, oops). I put some water in the  5 gallon jug, attached the hose into the jug on the vardo door step (temporary block of wood) with the pump in the doorway pointing out and plugged it in. Wow, it works Good! It wasn’t full but emptied in less than a minute with plenty of pressure, just like home, 3 gallons a minute. What a great little pump, Ha. I tried to shut it down with my thumb but couldn’t, sprayed everywhere, a valve will turn it off. It’s a lot quieter with water in it. Perfect pump.
I trimmed a quarter round to fit in one corner, angled on top as the laundry finished, enough for today.

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