12/8/2012 floor

Another good vardo day. We met at the coffee shop and headed to Whole Foods for lunch stuff then Restore (RS) where I picked up a 3/8 roller and a long solid bamboo handle for the roller/broom. Next stop Home Depot (HD) for the floor. Raven picked out a tan and brown pattern 8’x12′, that and a quart of adhesive.
We headed home, moved the counter frames out and swept it with the new broom handle. Raven vacuumed it all out. Lunch of WF sandwiches. I measured the floor width, 5’8″, and cut the 8′ roll to 6′ with the jig saw around the tube. We unrolled it inside the vardo after removing the cellophane and tape, thin stuff, slightly fragile. We tried several methods to cut it, Dad’s sharp bosun’s knife, good, a pizza wheel, not accurate, oops (under hidden). Ultimately a straight edge held tight with a pen line and scissors worked best. It took awhile to get it fitted right.
We rolled the cut piece up and swept the whole place out with a small hand broom getting the trimmings out and every grain of sand in stocking feet. We unrolled it and refitted it right, sweeping it all again on top. Rolling back the front half I applied adhesive with a putty knife then rolled it out with the extended handle roller to an even consistency. We put the flooring down and rolled the back half up. As I started rolling more glue I had Rave go up front to unroll it so we wouldn’t have to cross the glue. That worked out well, I finished applying the glue with the roller as Raven unrolled it. We smeared it all down, popping the bubbles with a pin and working out the air. It worked out great as Warren had recommended, although one small piece of trim got stuck under it right in the middle. I wanted to cut it and get it out right away, Rave said no, leave it, we can’t cut it as it’s to be a food prep area, OK, one flaw to keep the Gods happy.
It looks good. We moved the cabinet frames back in and took some pictures. Wow!

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