10/27/2012 sink

I did a few things on the Vardo today, not the ceiling yet as I wanted to get the sink in place. I trimmed the back of the wood counter to get it to fit right, had to move it over right so trimmed the left side, took a few cuts to get it right but it fits. The sheet metal was still an 1/8″ away from the window sill so I took that off the front on the band saw, perfect fit. It leaves a short ledge up front for the cabinet, we can either get 1/4″ plywood or I can trim a bit off the back spacer, maybe both.
I drilled the side of the wood counter for the gas line by clamping a scrap piece to the counter and used the 1″ hole saw and a chisel. It still wasn’t deep enough so I used a rotary rasp on the drill to round it deeper.
I raised the stove counter 9/16″ and trimmed the side panels to match, reattaching the back stove counter supports. I increased the depth of the gas line cut out on the side panel to clear the nipple. It’s still going to be hard to get the stove out as it’s tight. Thinking toggles under the sink counter so the sink stays put, but release the toggles so you can get the stove out if need be. The stove is high enough now not to burn the counters.
The extra support on the sink frame where the stove comes in was too wide, interfering with the sink so I trimmed it down to 1/2″ on the table saw, good now.
I marked the faucet holes and sink cutout to the metal, found the 7/8″ hole centers with a ruler and drilled them mostly through, flipped it and finished the bore on the other side to prevent splintering. I did the same close to a corner of the sink cutout to start the cut with the jig saw, cut it out, and fitted it to the vardo. I fit the faucet in, good fit but the back frame interfered with the faucet nuts. Clamped a couple scraps to that and 2″ hole sawed a relief into the frames, chiseled them out. I’ll still need to hole saw another smaller relief for the water supply nuts. The back spacer is good enough for additional support there.
I secured the faucet and unwrapped the sink, fit it in the hole. unwrapped the drains and fit them in, it looks good. Just temporary as we need to glue down the metal counter, putty the drains, secure the faucets after cutting the reliefs, glue and caulk the sink in. But it looks good.

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