Saturday is good, should be cooler than Sunday and that’s good for vardo work. I need  to put pipe compound on the gas lines out front and cap the water heater tap, then bubble test the gas lines. I’ll need to open the panel under the stove , the forward valve has enough clearance too. I’m thinking a sheet of flashing bent round to fit the ‘D’ wall opening on the forward valve with a cutout to fit over the pipe to isolate the insulation. Maybe a piece of duct tape on the other side of the pipe. That way you can turn the valve off and on without itching. The outside lights need a small piece of panel to cover the inside access ports screwed in for easy access to the electric boxes. The light switch next to the door needs a frame as well as the breaker box (thinner). Of course all the corners need quarter rounds, the router table is already set up to cut them using a push stick with care, stay away from the cutter. We should buy a couple 2×4 8′ studs to make the end arc braces and to cut up for the inside window frame uprights, plus several 1x2s to to make the arcs on the cross braces. I’ll try to pick some up tomorrow eve.

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