10/21/2012 panels

Vardo day, Raven called from Home Depot on her way back from Sacramento. Get one roll of insulation and 2 sheets of luan paneling for the ceiling, and some lettuce.
She showed up as I was putting more of Dad’s found finish nails in the fascia board. I explained how I planned to put the ceiling panels up flat on top with the curved edges, but she said no, she wants to keep the arch all the way up. That’s a tough challenge as I’ll need to cut each panel arch individually with a cutout for the cross braces, maintaining an overlap on the beams so we can nail it. Plus we’ll need to add 1×2 stock on the cross braces so we can nail the arch. We can use the sliding square to gauge the 1x2s. We’ll also need more blocks on the end walls to hold the arch and that’s blind as panels cover it. It’ll take a lot of figuring. A couple hours flat or several days, damn. I went out to the garden. The ceiling will wait. Let’s get the paneling in.
We suited up in bunny suits, masks and goggles. The end panel edge screws I bought were breaking off, not going well. Lets leave them off, use molding to secure it. I searched for the bigger screws, found them hidden behind the panels in the vardo, put a few in to secure it as they’ll be covered by the corner molding. I tacked up the panels in the order they were cut, turns out he side panels hold the end edges in place nicely. Raven secured them down with more nails.
We took a break for Gyro lunch, was better with lettuce, then finished the rest of the paneling. Raven vacuumed it out as I figured how to make the arches work. It’ll take some time. I moved the counter frames back in as it may rain tomorrow.
The new stainless sink counter wood will need trimming to account for the panels, it’ll be perfect. I saw Luis at the corner store, he’ll pick up some stainless welding rod to secure the corners.
Ultimately a good day, though frustrating in places. Good gyros though, and the wall paneling is in.

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