10/19/2012 new tank etc

So today I went in early, called Tim on my cell phone in the parking lot and picked up a new LP gas tank 3/4 full, $45 worth for free, Thank you Tim! He said “Good luck on your project”, indeed. It even has a quick connect, that will be a challenge getting off so it’ll mate to the new regulator hose, I’ll get it with a vice grip left thread. Nice tank with OPD, easy to exchange. I stopped at KFC for lunch and hit OSH again. They didn’t have the right roof goop but they did have 3M 77 adhesive, bought a can, we’re good for the new counter and all of them as it’s a big can.
Talked to Darin some, we can use a clamp after its lightly stuck using the work bench with the metal down to secure it in place. Thinking maybe a towel on the clean bench too so it doesn’t scratch. We’ll need to get Luis to weld the corners first, trim the plywood to fit and round the ply corners on the drum sander, metal corners too. Comet should clean it up fine, that’s what people use to clean sinks, anything finer would be overkill. We could use fine sandpaper on the corners after welding first. I still need to cut the holes for the faucet and sink, should do that before we glue it to avoid any scratches, and we should get the counter frame installed before that to make sure everything fits tight. Panels next, fit the cabinet frame, check the fit, trim the extra 1/8 inch off with the band saw, cut the gas line notch and move the stove up, grind any clearance needed after welding, sand and polish, cut the holes. Then glue it down. A lot of preparation, such a beautiful counter, lets get it right.
Then we add the faucet first, plumbed to the shut off valves, then the sink gets installed with drains attached. Plumbing will be a challenge indeed.

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