Went in early enough to hit the RS, a few good scores. Brought Chin’s lower faucet valve nut along, found a package of new parts to match for 2 valves with compression rubber fittings and all, including teflon tape, score one. Also found an adapter threaded to fit it to a 1/2 pipe, a tee fitting for the gas line for the water heater connection (fits) and best of all, a sheet of Formica ~30″x41″. All for the cost of $3 and change, score! The Formica looks like walnut maybe, wood grained. It’ll make the main sink counter easy, maybe more, need to do the math. Or maybe the table, it’s nice stuff for $1.50, but mostly good to figure how to work with it, buck and a half is really cheap even if I blow it. Thinking I should take it to work and cut a piece on the shear to 3/4″ for the edge, then fit it to the main sink counter same way. The shear will cut it straight, but won’t work on the long P side, won’t fit. We can practice with this stuff, get it right, and use it to make the difference for all the counters. You OK with walnut looking counters?
Also noticed they have Linoleum tiles 1′ squares, but Kenny said no, we need the full sheet with no seams to meet code, coved up on the edges. Good score, plenty to do.

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