I cut the fridge counter frame down to fit with the table saw after clearing out the corner. Looks good, it’ll need to be squared so it’s level with the floor. Moved the fridge in after vacuum cleaning it. I’m thinking it would be better to reduce the P side counter width to about 16″ so you can serve comfortably to the window. We can build the frame then add an angle to make it a smooth reduction. It’ll work, but the fridge fits and is in for now. We’ll need to pull it out to install the floor, should have it under. I still need to trim the frame flush with the multi-tool.
We need to get the walls covered soon, maybe door skins or old paneling. Be good to insulate it first. They’re rebuilding #4 at work but don’t know if they’ll redo the ceiling tiles. Those would be good, we’ll see.

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