So Chin gave me a couple valves for under the sink, may have a couple more. One’s missing the end nut, but RS may have them. Larry may have some too. I needed that for the pipe thread size. Now I can figure out what to get to build the fresh water system, at least some of it, the connections to the faucets. The hot water will take some more thinking as we need a heater. Had a thought, would be cool to have an outside tap Dside of hot and cold tied to a shower head with a flip down semi circle for a removable shower curtain, hook nearby for a robe and towel. Maybe throw in a wood grate (got one in storage) stashed under to keep your feet clean. That would be neat, probably not to code, keep it hidden, detachable. But nice, put the valves underneath “for cleaning the tanks” with a hose up.
So we’re going to need a pump and an on demand water heater (ODW for short) to complete the water system.

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