We got a lot done today. You got to sleep in the vardo for the first time. Tasty breakfast of eggs, onions and garden flavors. I ripped frames for the door, you helped cut them to length and put them up. The battens got cut and installed on the back door wall. Good lunch of soup and cheese rolls. You went out back and pulled more boards off the stack, de-nailed while I worked on the door.
I needed to cut the doors to fit so I used the work bench as a table to the saw. I attached a clamp to the leg of the bench to hold the saw in place with a 1/2″ piece of plywood clamped to the bench side to keep it from moving. The heights were different so I used a piece of 3/4 ply left over from the floor on the table, a little too high, found a cut piece of 3x the right thickness to match it. I screwed a short scrap of 2×3 to the end to keep it in place on the saw as I pushed it through. I needed a fence on the far side, laid the door up to the blade all the way up and square. I found a long 2×3, laid it along the door on the plywood square to the bench edge but in a bit, marked it and clamped the free ply end. I raised the far end and clamped it to the mark, moved the door, turned it over. I screwed the 1×3 to the ply from the bottom and sunk the 2 screws flush, good fence with the ply parallel to the bench edge. A really big table saw, cool. I moved the ply/fence in a kerf (width of the blade) cut, clamped the free end, drilled and sunk a screw into the bench on the far end. Took the cut with the door hard against the 2×3 fence, clean. Readjusted the ply/fence to the correct final width, still parallel to the bench with another separate screw hole (outside the fence) and re-clamp on the free side. Took the cut. I carried it out to fit it in the jamb, a little more. Reset the ply/fence on the original screw hole, free end clamped, took the cut, it fits, excellent. Repeated the process on the upper door. I needed to trim the top to fit, took the measurement, set the ply/fence parallel to the bench with an 1/8″ of clearance for swell and cut it, perfect fit.
I wedged it in place about the time you showed up. Looks good, we took pictures. I took it down and you put up the frame and battens as we cut them to fit.
Next we’ll need hinges. I need to cut a piece of scrap to match the door frame to mount the hinges to the door and transfer the holes to the real frame. We’ll need to chisel out the frame, gently as it’s thin, to fit the hinge. Add a latch to attach the 2 doors together and a handle/deadbolt. Should be good, a door. Lots done.

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