So, the door, let’s get it done, hang it, we can remove it if necessary, just screws come out. We need more calk to finish the plates, $4 as opposed to $15 for the boat goop. We’ll need it anyway elsewhere (wheel wells, sink, etc.). Thoughts on the door calking, we’ll need to masking tape the sides of the planks, apply the goop, gloved finger it smooth and remove the tape immediately, then don’t touch it, let it dry, learned from calking the boat. I’ll cut a scrap plank to match the door frame, we’ll attach the hinges and transfer the holes to the frame, chiseled to allow the thickness of the hinge. We should probably hang it before calking just to get it done but it would be easier to calk flat. Maybe we hinge it to the scrap and prep the frame with the scrap, then calk the door and wait to hang it a week, or I could do it Sunday after it’s dry, though I may need your help. I’m thinking if the hinge is connected to the frame first (after all the scrap fittings), the doors can mount flat in the frame wedged to fit, then screwed in. I could do that if they’re flat in. Putting them in with the hinge on the door first would be difficult and heavy. So, we can’t put holes in the door while we prep the scrap frame, we’ll need to use clamps. Mind you, this is considering hinges that attach to the door frame inside and to the door outside. Dilema, to keep it safe we need carriage bolts outside, so you can’t unscrew it and break in, so they’ll have to be counter sunk inside or use T-nuts inset and covered for clean. T-nuts won’t work either as you have to turn the screw and carriage bolts don’t turn. So inset nuts with wood plugs will work. Other thoughts, go with a standard hinge, I’ll need your help to hang it as the door needs to be open to screw it in to the frame. We could add fasade hinges for looks. Or not. Straight hinges without a removable pin would be best.
On the lamps, maybe we should put them on the outer side so they don’t hit the door.
All of this is a challenge. Darin’s been busy, I’ll try to talk to him about it.

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