So we need to pick up some tanks Saturday, check the salvage yard so we’ll need to take your truck. See what they have, something will fit. They have a lot of plastic barrels from olive cans to 55s, we’ll make it work. We could hit up the RS on the way for fittings and maybe a nice overhead light if they have one. The salvage yard has a lot of plumbing parts, but full price, maybe we should check RS first. I’ll need another $2 box of 1″ finish nails for the door, Harry has them at the¬†Mercantile. Need some seeds for the garden there too. Hinges, time for them, check all. I’ll finish the outside door panel, caulk it, cut the door down to fit. I’ll need your help on that to draw the lines, maybe fit it first, lighter that way. And we need more wood from out back, a bunch to build the interior. I’ll help you pull it off the pile, you get the nails out while I get the door cut, sound OK? Haul it up on your roof rack? A flexible plan.

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