Good days work, we got a lot done. Most of the electric is in including the main box and 30 amp in wire. I still need to wire the switch and plug near the door, also the two GFI plugs, but we have four sockets fully installed. The door is pretty much all filled and sanded, although I need to finish assembling the lower door, it’s still not glued and screwed. Those holes will need filling and sanding. I checked the two florescent lights, the one with a plug works fine. I moved the other bulb over, it’s good too. I opened up the cut cord one, easy fix with a dollar store extension cord, one solder and a twist tie (in it), we’ll tie a knot inside for strain relief, simple.
Thoughts on the table/bed, it might be good to have a leaf on the table so its half size but full length benches. That way, when you’re working you have a full counter space for the drain board and serving side with the bench backs up. In tarot mode you put the bench backs down, small table, wide benches so you can get in around the sink and serving side. In bed mode the bench backs come up, pull the whole table out on a doubled slide attached to the front wall and insert the leaf between the wall and table. The table could be a little bigger than the leaf, but we need to allow enough room to fit a (large) human to sit between the counters.
Looking into Formica for the counters, it’d be good to find the raw stuff, not laminated yet, everybody has the laminate on particle board, rather use the plywood, more research required.
So plumbing is next, with the new sink coming in this week. We got a great deal on that, a 3 basin for a $100, legal. Thoughts, can we do with just 5 gal of water? (check the code when you get it) If so, we could just buy a 5 gal supply tank and a 7 gal grey water tank (15%+) for less than $25 each at West Marine. Stash the 7 gal grey under the sink (secured). Else we need to spend more for the grey tank. I’ll try to swing by the boat yard tomorrow for better deals.

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