So I left work at 4 (8 hrs) and made it to the post office in time. WE HAVE A SINK!!! It’s really nice, measures as stated in the add. I opened the big light box and slit the plastic wrap in one basin enough to check on the drains. All very nice, three drains with strainer plugs and a rubber sink stopper too. Maybe I should take one to work to ask how to set it up, eh we can google it but I’ll ask. We’ll need 2 elbows and a tee to fit the 3 sink drains together, then one S trap, plus the threaded fittings (?) to the drains. Actually, thinking, we’ll need 2 tees and 2 elbows to tie in the hand sink, unless we need a separate tank for the hand sink (?). Did you get the specs yet?
The faucet is still in it’s box, installation instructions inside, we can figure that out, although thinking we should install that first after cutting the sink hole so we have room for wrenches. I do have a wrench for after but it’ll be much easier before the sink goes in. Mind you, this is after we build the sink counter. I held it up to the window, looks good, it’ll fit perfect.
So what needs doing Saturday, recap from last night. I need to get the lower door done, cut out some excess wood to lighten it up, glue and screw it with caulk to allow for the weather. We could meet in town to get the GFIs and hinges at RS. ‘I don’t want to leave early although I may be able to head down and back for them, let you know tomorrow eve, check email. (delete)’ The GFIs need to have the grounds tied to the following circuits as they measure ground current, 2 grounds, before and after. (may have already said that, edit) We’ll need more wood from out back, no nails. We also need to wire the last circuit to side of the door with the dimmer. Another GFI preferred there. Kenny said the florescence may die out on the dimmer unless we get a dimmable  florescent but if we attach an incandescent with it it’ll dim after the florescent dies out. We’ll see. So we need a few more ceiling light fixtures and boxes, cheap at RS. You’ll need to be there to pick them out.
So you’ll do more electrics ( I’ll help guide) and get more wood for the cabinetry frames (stay away from the wavy connectors, they bite) while I work the door and help you. It’s a plan, flexible.

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