Yea, we got a 3 basin sink. Did you look at the details? ~10x12x6″ each basin with faucet and drains, we’re on the road to legal. They shipped it today free shipping. Probably get here Monday or some time next week (14-21st), cool!
So yes, we need to proceed with the electrical install and no we don’t need any more stuff this week that I know of. Well we may need some calk to get the door finished but I think we have that here somewhere in the boat supplies or one of the taped open tubes, we’re good. Hinges may be soon, but they have them at the Mercantile.
After we get the electric installed we’ll work on the plumbing (new sinks). I talked to Darin about it this evening. He mentioned some new fangled plastic tubing with expensive connectors to mate with the normally copper ($$) hot water lines. We’ll look into that.

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