Today I built a rack for my smoker. I picked up the base unit awhile back at the Salvation Army. I used some huge galvo wire for the frame, tied with thinner wire. I used a medium gauge wire for the rack supports. I bought some Dollar Tree cooling racks bent in my wooden bench vise with a mallet. It’s all set up.
Smoker Rack
  I found an old computer cover for the top for now, or a piece of plywood.
I know it works as I smoked some jerky strung on wires last year. To be sure I just loaded the wood pan with some hickory chips, we’ll see in a while. Another pic of the inside rack.
Just checked, yup, it’s working just fine, smoking the hickory chips. Now I just need to catch a few trout in the river. Or pick up some salmon at the store.
I’ll look up a few rub recipes online and modify as I don’t like the pepper blends.
Yesterday was blazing HOT here, well over a hundred. I sat in front of the fan sweating to keep cool. I modified an old handled hex wrench on the grinder quenched to create a really small 3/32 chisel. I used it to carve a channel in the next bass bridge to fit the piezo pickup. The chisel worked perfectly and the pickup fits flush to the bridge bone.
I’m just grateful today was tolerably cooler. Egg salad and tuna salad for cool sandwiches prepared for the week ahead, with Larrupin mustard dill sauce, yum.
I picked up a tacky Smart watch on Amazon for cheap, just to see how it works. It picks up my cell phone on Bluetooth, plays music aloud, makes calls, calculator, pedometer, sleep monitor, not much else. This morning it woke me up (off my wrist) wanting a charge. Good thing it was cheap.
Watched “Joy of Tech” on Netflix, fun show. A couple English blokes, one with good tech stuff, the other no tech destructive of the tech. Fun to watch.
A good weekend.

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