Today was fun. I made Pasta Fagioli soup, four cartons and lunch. Next I made chicken noodle soup, three cartons. I prepared all the veggies at once for both batches, farmers market carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, Safeway onions, celery. TJ beans, pinto, kidney and pasta bow ties. I used TJ two buck white wine and chicken broth, added left over smoked turkey and frozen cooked bacon to the fagioli, fresh chicken breast with noodles, garden herbs for all. Yum.
I finally got to work on the second bass ukulele. I notched out the neck with a chisel down to the pre cut saw kerfs to accept the soundboard. I surface sanded the soundboard to flat, marked it and sawed it out wide to shape on the band saw. I marked the joint where the soundboard meets the neck square and cut it close, then sanded it to true.
The bridge has been difficult with the Foredom hand piece slipping, so I’m preparing the preliminary piece I made before to work. It’s hardwood flooring, maybe Jacoba, same as the fret board. I had to re cut the slot for the bone bridge wider using a ruler, knife, chisel and file to make it straight. Sanded down it’s looking good. I’ll need to buy another beef bone to get a good size chunk for the bridge. Not vegetarian, oh well.
I made a batch of crostinis from yesterdays baguette, olive oil, salt, basil, Parmesan, left out the garlic for Scott’s wife. There’s enough in the soup.

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