A good day and a fine weekend, much got done. Yesterday I picked a lot of tomatoes, didn’t get around to saucing them, it’s so much work. Coffee and to the farmers market, good to see folks. I brought a jar of marmalade for Duncan as he always gives me the best deal on mushrooms. Christen showed up, I haven’t seen her in awhile at Preston’s farm. Sugar nut melon, wax beans, zucchini, mushrooms, Steve’s onions and figs, yum right then. They’re so sweet.
Safeway for chicken, beef, a baguette and celery.
Home, I made a batch of spaghetti sauce for Tuesday big lunch with the gang. I cut up a spaghetti squash, slipped and cut my palm lightly but enough to be a hindrance. Those things are hard to cut. Next time I’ll do the 3 minute nuke it first. I did cut it in donuts to keep the strands long, salted, oiled baked an hour at 400, perfect.
As I got a new Foredom hand piece this week, I attached it to my setup, adding the tiny router attachment and cut a test plate of doug fir. This thing is wonderful and will be really useful to do fine inlays and rosettes.
I worked on the T3 neck, rounding the corners and shaping it rough with the bandsaw, lap sander, the small drum sander in the drill, draw shave and sandpaper. It’s looking good but the heel needs to be a little smaller. I also hot bent the last cracked T3 liner, it broke again, dang, bent it to fit any way, glued the break. Planned out the fret board maple cuts for T3 using the maple I got from the door factory, four tenor fret boards available, This one white, the others I’ll stain black to hide the lamination.
This morning I slept in late. To town for coffee, and some course sandpaper to trim the T3 heel, 3 sheets, 60, 80 and 120 grits. This stuff will remove a lot of material fast, carving stock.
Back home, I cooked a batch of linguine to add to the spaghetti squash to give it some substance if folks so choose, holding back some for chicken noodles. I cooked up a couple lunch batches, O chicken noodle soup, and a beef stew, both tasty.
So I tested the vardo water system today, my hose leaks, but the vardo is in good shape, no leaks, I had to remove stuff from the cabinet to fit the water bottle in it’s place, put on the table. A visual wasp check looks OK, a lot of empty nests. The carb cleaner is very volatile petroleum and will dissipate quickly if needed to kill any we missed.
The trailer front door latch was broken, I took it out and found a missing screw probably fell in. Back to town, Garret’s, 14 cents. Meanwhile I bought a new Dremel bit, tiny router for inlay work on the new jig.
I sanded the T3 heel down using the course sand papers, finishing with 220 grit. It’s ready for the liners now. I fired up the hot pipe lamp and bent each piece to fit precisely in place with the side clamped to the proper form in the body mold. This worked well, a perfect fit, before gluing it into place with lots of clothes pins and clamps.
On a roll, I did the same to the walnut Bass sides, adding another liner. These things are cracked, but fitted in to perfection with glue. It will be fine.
I finished the day using the hot pipe to bend the warp out of the glued back panel, this is very interesting, to remove warp with heat. I was able to send the panel through the surfacer with no problems. It’s ready to cut to fit..
This pic also shows the test cut for a rosette using the new Foredom attachment.
A batch of crostinis baked, ready for the week ahead.

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