I had a good day, lots done. Off to town for coffee and the farmers market, good to see the folks. A good conversation with the melon lady, her name is Renie, short for Irene. Duncan gave me a big ole portabella, great deal, Preston’s farm zucchini from Nate, Steve’s onions. They opened the jar of bread and butter pickles I gave them, liked them. They grew them, fair. Some green beans, we’re done.
Safeway baguette, a good deal on a whole chicken, a piece of beef for stew, some fresh dill for potato salad planned. Dollar Tree odds and ends, to home.
I cut up a bunch of TJ’s red potatoes, maybe three pounds, boiled with three eggs in the salted water to just tender. Half a pound of bacon cooked crispy meanwhile. Two small Steve’s onions diced fine soaked in water to mild them. I’m looking at a German potato salad recipe, but no, something different. I have a half jar of Larrapin’s Swedish mustard dill sauce left from up North, really good stuff, not mayo. Add more deli mustard, some horse radish, garden parsley, green olives, capers, a dash of olive oil and celery. This stuff is good, a large container for the lunch crew.
It’s supposed to be a potluck this week, so I shouldn’t be making chicken, why not at such a price. I mixed up a 1/3 batch of turkey brine and have it soaking in the fridge to bake for tomorrow.
I finished assembling Dani’s second chair with the six inch extension after a quick sanding. A simple half hour as the work was done last weekend. Stashed in the vardo out of the way.
Ukulele time. I installed the T3 fret board in the fret saw jig after carefully marking the fret locations using my Wandel pattern with an Exacto knife and a machine pencil. The wedges hold the board in place as the saw cuts the line started. I added the wooden depth gauge and free handed the cuts to depth. I screwed up a couple times and had to sand the marks out. At least the frets are in line. I cut the fret board off at the 19th fret mark, seemed right. I also cut the bass uke fret board to depth with the saw set up.
I should order more pearl dots. I received the tuners and strings last week. Back in the garage, I fired up the hot lamp. Setting up the T3 bent sides in the mold, I formed a liner to fit the side as near perfect as possible, getting it damp and heating it on the pipe bent to fit. This is really fun, a little tedious, but fun. A tight fit, marked, cut to length with the square and razor saw. Pre-clamped with clothes pins looks good, glued and clamped in place flush to the sides.
I repeated the same process for the bass uke, bending the liner to fit the sides on the hot pipe, clamped the sides into the mold and adjusted the liner to fit near perfectly. This liner was broken, but fits tight, glued in place fixes that. Low on clothes pins, but the plastic ones will do.
I look at the T3 fir sound board panels, but I don’t have room to glue them up, tomorrow will do. It’s coming along nicely.

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