Another great day in paradise. Ratatouille the movie as I woke up, great flick. A burrito I made for breakfast. I headed to town, coffee and the farmers market. Eight pounds of tomatoes from Steve. I met the woman that works with him, her name is Wahtee, something like that. Plus an onion later. Carrots and a couple small yellow squash from Preston farms, a small melon from the carrot and garlic folks.
Safeway for some stew steaks, bread baguette, dry basil. I picked up a piece of clear pine at Healdsburg Lumber, nice stuff for folding chairs.
Next stop Salvation Army, I found a really nice folding TV size table. with wrought iron legs and a woven rattan top, perfect for what Raven wanted, just needs a coat of black spray paint.
 It’s a little heavy not bad with the solid iron, but perfect for the vardo. I also found an extraordinary Italian inlayed music box, it needs new filled screws, can do.
I made a good beef stew in the dutch oven and blanch pealed more than half of the tomatoes. It’s hot enough that I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to cook them down with the rest of the batch. I need jars, back to Healdsburg Garrett’s hardware for cup size jars, plus the bolts I’ll need for the chair, 4 quarter twenties 2 inches, nuts and three washers per, 12 total. Home.
I cut and sanded all the chair parts for the folding chair.
The top pieces will need trimming as the swing back needs to clear. As the first one, it’s a little narrow at 12 inches wide but a really good prototype. I’ll need to figure out the canvas dimensions and layout, I have the cloth in white. The first prototype is a challenge, usually turns out nice. The second is a cludge, what goes wrong does. By the third the kinks get worked out.Great day, more to do tomorrow.

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