It was a good day. I made crostinis for lunches of baguette sliced thin dipped in olive oil on the plate, salted, garlic and basil dusted, baked in the oven at 350 for maybe 20 minutes. I made up some burritos of flour tortillas, refried beans, mild cheddar grated and hamburger meat I cooked yesterday taco style with onions, cumin, garlic and salt. Two for breakfast and four more for lunches, the last one ran out of meat, short bag.
To the boat, I called Cath. I left a little after noon with a stop in Santa Rosa for primer at West Marine and coffee before that. Traffic was thick through Petaluma. Finally got there a little after 2:00, with a perfect parking spot right up close. I brushed her down dry with the on board hand brush, pulled out the scraper and chisel and removed as much loose paint as I could get off with the scraper. I started in the cockpit benches, brushing the chips into the cockpit well. I’ll vacuum that later. Proceeding to the upper deck heavily chipped, scraped clean of loose pieces, the cabin sides and the fore cabin needs it. The starboard side forward is a mess as the tarp bashed the pulley into the wood in a winter storm, scraped clean and ready. The deck lightly scraped in the bad spots.


Cathy showed up in the middle of all that for an hour to work. She mixed up the paint with the stick I brought, thick on the bottom mixed. Canted into the metal measuring can from Sally’s. We used Raven’s good Purdy brush, I’ll get her a new one if we mess it up. She painted the cockpit benches as I kept scraping and brushing deck. The port forward corner of the cockpit has rotting sponge, she skipped that covered with the hatch door to dry until later. We passed the brush around as I touched up the upper cabin and she the hand rails. Selfy pics. Time to go with a bag of pears, tomato sauce and a fat yellow tomato, off to see bartender friend Randy, perhaps a fresh pear martini.


I finished painting under the hatch deck with it closed, all the sides and decking just covering the open wood as much as possible. The thing about primer, it’s a filler for all the holes, liquid putty. It’s sand able, patches stuff and secures the loose pieces. Thick in the cracks, all of a sudden, the boat looks good again. As the cockpit was dry enough I brushed off the sponge corner and touched it up. It still needs a lot of work to smooth it down, but it’s white again, beautiful. I cleaned the brush three times in thinner, wiping it with the rag, should be good for another session. Clean up and pack, head for home.
I finished folding the laundry for the week to come.
I’ll pick up Luis in the morning and he’ll drive my new truck home to replace the clutch it needs to be a good truck. He’ll pick me up after work, as he has the day away from his job with a time off cap.
Onion soup for lunch will be tasty with string cheese and the mornings toast.

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