Saturday morning, I have a mild cold, dang. I got stuff done anyway. Off to town late but in time for coffee and the last half hour of farmers market, mushrooms, carrots, wala wala onions, a cantaloupe and a cucumber. Ground beef, chicken thighs and a half cabbage at Safeway. A stop at Salvation Army finds another ukulele, this one is Hawaiian purple with all the strings, only $2.40 on sale off $3. Wow, good score as this one is a little bigger and has strings ($12 a set). I’ll tune it when I get home. The tuners are a little loose, tightened up with a screwdriver. This will be a nice instrument. And it’s not pink.


The tenor soundboard I’m making is an 1/8 inch oversize, but a good scale at actual 1 foot.

Cooking time, I have the stuff for Alfredo sauce, water on for linguine. Two small cloves of my garden garlic minced. Garden herbs of thyme, tarragon and oregano even though the recipe doesn’t call for it. Half a stick of butter in, the garlic and herbs a minute or two, add just a little flour, maybe a teaspoon for a light rue. Heavy cream a little at a time mixed in to a cups worth of cream. A quarter stick of cream cheese, two sticks of string cheese mozzarella cut into medallions melted in. Maybe a quarter cup or more of Parmesan, a little more is good. Two tbsp. parsley chopped at the end. Steam a half garden zucchini with the linguine pasta for a fine lunch, plenty left over for lunches next week. As the noodles are cooking I chopped up stuff for a chicken soup, fresh carrots, celery, the other half zucchini, half an onion, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic, garden herbs, chicken breast meat, set aside half for a stir fry tomorrow fridged along with half the mushrooms. Cooked in the noodle pan with a box of TJ’s O chicken broth and a splash of cooking wine. I chopped up a large bunch of the extra linguine into smaller noodles added to the soup at the end, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and some salt, three lunch buckets.

Back to work, I cut the flooring Chin gave me to length, 23 7/8″ one piece in half fit with a tiny bit more to cover. I cut the other piece he gave me to the same length. Setting the fence I cut the wider stock square an inch short, then cut an inch plus the tongue and groove off the last piece to fit. Two large pieces and a small 1 inch section fits the sander table. The floor board bottoms were slick, I roughed them up on the lapidary. I removed the hinge pins and used the table saw as support while I clamped and glued the floor boards to the hinge table, lots of clamps and a center weight.


Time to glue the rollers, I cleaned off the last leftover foot of 1/2 inch rod. I glued up two stacks of four MDF disks clamped to the spare rod, and three more sets of four clamped with the long clamps to the sander frame rod.


Once dry tomorrow, they should all fit the drive shaft to be sanded true to the swing table. I’ll leave a small gap between the rollers for expansion. I may need to glue the rollers to the shaft or cut a key way, we’ll see.

I cut a piece of cedar panel to fit the flush cut saw I’ve been using for a fret saw, drilled two holes, found some screws and nuts to fit it. I had to file it a bit with a round needle file to get things lined up. A perfect depth of cut for frets. I cleared all the frets on the bass. I messed up on one, nicked the fret board as the saw slipped out. Sanded it back and touched it up with a dab of lacquer to be sanded out again. Oh well, careful. This depth gauge on the saw should help make the ukuleles easier, but the initial fret cut with the miter I made will need to be done lighter without the depth set. The depth gauge won’t fit the miter. A light sanding on the fret board and the bass is ready to be final assembled. Electronics in, frets on and true, tune in the nut and bridge heights and notches. Knobs need making and strap buttons made and installed. It’s finally getting close to done.

A good day, more tomorrow.

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